Our Communities

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Sol Squad

Sol Squad for Women of Color
Sol Squad is an opportunity to engage in a communal exploration of your personal and political identities with the goal of strengthening cross-racial solidarity among women of color.
Sol Squad for White Women

Sol Squad is an opportunity to gather with white women across lines of age, geography, sexual orientation, to learn from one another about how to use individual and collective power to build a multiracial democracy.

young girl with American flag

American Anthem

Multi-racial communities are the generator and the backbone of the United States.  The American Anthem Political Action Committee both harnesses and fortifies the power of multi-racial communities and coalitions. American Anthem PAC is a space for us — of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and at any level of financial contribution — to make a joint and sustained investment in individuals, movements, and organizations centrally committed to building and strengthening a multi-racial democracy.