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Transformation is catalytic. Transformation is work.  Transformation is the process of questioning what is, to understand what could be.

Curious about the strength that comes from transformation?

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Have you taken a slow, smooth breath today?

Our Approach

Solidarity Futures brings decades of experience, including work with small and start-up nonprofits, advocacy campaigns, media organizations, political campaigns, and more. More importantly, our work is centered on using our skills and talents to challenge systemic oppression while growing resources and scaling organizational impact. Our experience calls us to lead our work with a race-forward lens: equity and liberation are at the forefront of all of our analysis, conversations, and recommendations.

Our work is deliberate about disrupting, rather than replicating the power dynamics of oppression, capitalism, and racism as we work towards change — both within organizations and in their broader circle of supporters and stakeholders.             

We believe that an organization’s systems and team must be aligned with its values, programs, and community’s needs. We are grounded in the belief that an equitable system must hold the powerful accountable, consistent with the core beliefs you hold and enact through your work.

We simultaneously understand the desire — and the struggle — to bring our values into full expression as individuals, teams, or within organizations. With a foundational belief that all is interconnected, we bring a holistic approach to understanding challenges and co-creating options to forge onward. We believe laughter and joy must be part of the process of creating infrastructure and accountability. Above all, we believe that the work for justice must be nurtured, supported, and loved.

Our Team + Culture

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This is a gentle reminder to be where your feet are. Take the next 10 seconds to focus on long, smooth breathing.