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Are you changing what is into what is possible? Doing justice work requires reflection, range, and rejuvenation. We are here to provide you and your team with the tools and environment you need to thrive.


Fueling the Courageous

We are here to support the courageous journey — the journey that brings liberation for one and all. We will provide space, support, tools, and the right questions. We are your co-pilot, deputy, truth-teller, and builder. We are ready to take part in a values-driven adventure.
We show up in the way that will best serve the journey — as coaches, consultants, community builders, and in interim executive roles.

So glad we’ve found each other.

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Y of the North

In the summer of 2021, a NYT headline stated “​​Are the Kids All Right? Ask the Camp Directors.” Camp couselors have been at the intersection of COVID-19 and this country’s most recent racial reckoning.

I Grow Chicago to We Grow Chicago

Out of one, many. The impact of community led place-based efforts are finally getting the philanthropic attention they deserve.

Venu brought a BOLD vision and strategic execution that enabled a more vibrant future for the organization, key stakeholders, and community. Venu exemplifies transformational leadership at the highest level. She built the bridge for a thriving community!

Brenda B. Asare


“Through open dialogue and invitations to ask hard questions, Venu provided a meaningful and impactful lens for our seasonal staff as they continue their efforts both individually and as staff members to make the outdoors a more inclusive space, Her thoughtful and intentional preparation and follow-through allowed for leadership staff at Camp du Nord to develop systems that create sustainability and intentionality as we move forward with this very important work.”

Andy Sinykin

Working with Venu Gupta has brought a newfound clarity and advocacy to my work. Through our partnership, she has taught me the importance of, and the tools for, balancing my service-oriented leadership style with ensuring I have my own personal needs met to find value and success. I would highly recommend working with Venu to unlock a whole new level of leadership.

Caty Kobe

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